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These amazing life-like sculptures are poseable,

sturdy, lightweight and free-standing.


The substructure is constructed using a lightweight plastic pipe. A cable is then affixed at the bottom of each leg and permanently cemented into the shoe. This cable serves as an ankle as well as an adjustment for the balance. The cement provides bottom weight for stability..

The arm substructure is attached using a flexible, unbreakable cable. The hands are formed using wire and attached to this arm cable. Each finger is bendable and can support objects. The material used allows the armature to be posed in any position.  For example: a violinist would be posed holding his violin and bow.   A butler holding a tray in one hand, however, his position can be changed to hold a large tray in both hands to serve the horsdoeuvres at your next party.  The sculptures will maintain their position indefinitely.

The completed frame is wrapped with strips of polyester batting shaping the human form. The completed form is then covered with two layers of strong flesh colored nylon and sprayed with Scotchguard. The sculptures are made of synthetic materials so no worries about mildew or bugs.

Now just add the head and clothing.  Other than the shoes you can change their clothing.



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