About Care and Feeding

My care is simple and minimal.


When I arrive take a few minutes to pose me to look natural.  Feel free to poke, bend and squish - I won’t break.
If you need to adjust my balance
1. widen my stance
2. stand on my toes
3. grasp my shoulders
4. gently adjust me forward or backward
The trip was grueling, I would appreciate it if you would brush my hair.
Freshen me up from time to time with a feather duster or lint roller.
Never, never put me in the sun.WB00781_.gif (1273 bytes)
My nylon will not run but it can snag so please protect me from sharp objects.
Eventually you may want to launder or dry clean my clothing.  I will just hang out in my undies in the meantime.

Most importantly - HAVE FUN!SO00850A.gif (1566 bytes)



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