About the Artists


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Susan Nolan and Kelly Nolan Wright,

soft sculpturists



Susan is holding Kelly's creation, Taylor.

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Susan Nolan and Kelly Nolan Wright, a mother and daughter team, worked together side by side for many years making IMPOSTORS.  They traveled the U.S. doing high end art shows and received many prestigious awards for their work (see About Shows & Awards).  Kelly and her family moved to Montana in 2012 but Susan still resides in beautiful Santa Barbara, California and continues "making people".  While growing up in the lakeshore community of Holland, Michigan, Kelly remembers arts and crafts were a big part of  their everyday life.  She and her mother experimented with various art forms including soft sculpture dolls and animals. 
Susan is a former student of communication and dance.  While working as an office manager in California, she was also decorator for a national restaurant chain.  In 1990 she made a life-size Mariachi band for one of the stores using the soft sculpture medium.  The response to these whimsical characters was surprising and soon Susan was receiving requests to make people from all walks of life.  In 1992 she left her job as an office manager and decorator to concentrate on "making people" full-time..
Kelly attended Hope College in Holland, Michigan and completed her B.A. degree at Brooks Institute of  Photography in Santa Barbara in 1988.  Her career in photography led her to New York City, Los Angeles, Texas and Michigan.  She was convinced to move back to Santa Barbara to help Mom who found herself simply overwhelmed with work.  The year was 1994...and the birth of IMPOSTORS.  Kelly earned a degree in sonography in 2012 at Santa Barbara City College and is working at a hospital in Montana doing ultrasound sonography.


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